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”I work with people, not on them. My work is unique and is based on a simple understanding of how the unconscious and conscious aspects of our mind work together. When you have a problematic issue it is always a misunderstanding of your unconscious thinking it is protecting you and you, consciously, feeling it is harming you. My job is to help you restore the harmony.” Steven Blake mba

Steven Blake mba

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About Steven

My work is my passion and I live each day in wonder of the capability of the unconscious aspect of the mind and what it manifests. I live in a rural area of Lincolnshire England, which led me into doing my work, where possible, in one session. I now split my time between helping clients and training other therapists in The Blake Methodology, including Doctors and Psychologists. It still surprises and amuses me that without any medical training I can show professionals how to get great results quickly! My mission is to get as many people as possible out of pain, and I now have over 700 trained Practitioners Worldwide helping me achieve that.

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