50 Shades of Greyish White


As a therapist I am very aware of the prominent thought processes that mess up people’s lives. Often this takes the form of them seeing things in the terms of being black or white with no shades of grey – certainly not 50! For most of is there is comfort in the certainty of Black or White. Things are either true or untrue, people are either good or bad, weather is good or awful etc..

Let me use weather as an example because us Brits regularly use it as an opening statement in starting conversations. I often come across conversations like the following one that happened to me recently. I entered a shop on a wet and windy day and at the till the assistant said “What terrible weather, isn’t it depressing?.”. Now I’m a big believer in that there is no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing, and as someone who looks for the positive in most things I do tend to challenge negativity. So I politely asked if she was going out in it and she said she didn’t have too. I then proposed a different view, “Isn’t it great it’s not wasting a lovely sunny day when you have to be inside at work all day”. She smiled as her disposition changed to seeing the rainy and windy day as a good thing whilst she was inside.

We don’t often challenge our own thinking and if we don’t then we continue to believe a lot of things that quite simply affect our moods and thoughts adversely.

What raised this topic was my recent purchase of a bathroom cabinet I bought to add to the existing white units. When the new unit was fitted it was really sparkling white and the existing units now look like they are a greyish white. They certainly looked totally white before! It showed me how all things are relative……

What has happened to you that changed the way you view things or what thought process would you like to change? Please share your story below.

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