Allergies have lots of potential causes that need checking out by your doctor. However, when no-one can find the cause, perhaps you need to check out if your unconscious is running a process that is not in harmony with your body. Many people become hyper sensitive to things that are innocuous to others. Things like annual Hay Fever issues can be more about an over-response to pollen than for any harm that the pollen is doing. I have helped several people turn off Hay Fever. Sometimes the body has a trauma when young and it just over reacts to later smaller or less threatening issues as though it is a full blown attack like the early one. The body then sends out too large a number of antibodies to fight the incoming threat and the illness is more from the battle than from the invader!

The body and mind are not separate entities, they work together with the unconscious mind having some say over all body processes. There is no such thing as “all in the mind”, no-one would deliberately want to feel bad. It is usually the unconscious mind automatically doing things it feels are in your best interests, but may be running an old program that is no longer appropriate.

So how would I know that I might be able to help? A few well placed questions will quickly extract the initial story of when it started. If that story matches your symptoms closely then it is highly likely that BrainBargaining may help.


Latest Testimonial – 21st July 2016
I have recommended Steven to many people and I know he has helped them immensely. I have seen the transformation with my own eyes. Most recently a young man with a serious alcohol problem, he walked out of Steven room a different person, hasn’t touched a drink since and he is so happy.

Steven has helped my daughter with really bad OCD issues which again the transformation is fantastic. Also helped me with hay fever which I don’t have anymore thanks to Steven, and has reduced my back pain. I am currently in the process of booking an appointment for my great phobia of spiders!!

He is an amazing gentleman and I am blessed to know him and I will continue to point people in Steven’s direction for help, because you really don’t need to suffer.

Larraine Sargeant – Medium and Healer