Answers that go Bump in the Night

bump in the night bedpost-630x315

My partner still hopes for perfection from herself and then beats herself up with it, fortunately she does not expect it from me, as I gave up a few years ago as the need for glasses and my annoyance at wearing them led to my practical handy work to become “good enough” rather than “spot on”.  I had also recollected to her how every time I did anything wrong I always got caught out, and said I could never cut corners. Which I literally did in a pickup truck once and nearly hit someone on a bike.

So back to 4:28 in the morning where a muffled bang shifted the bed and was accompanied by the words “another bloody bruise”. This is not typical of her, she does not play the victim.

As the unconscious is there to protect you, her comment that she was still half asleep really didn’t jell with me, particularly the regularity of this in the daylight as well.

Following on from the “not good enough” discussion I wondered if this was a self punishment program at the unconscious level and asked a few more questions to try and get the answer. To me there had to be a message in this regular bump!

Then came the Aha moment “how could you possibly bump into that corner of the bed” I asked and she said “I was trying to cut the corner”. At which point we both got the message and laughed. Her homework now is to use the statement “I am Good Enough” regularly enough until she truly believes it.

She already is an awesome woman, so when she believes fully in herself who knows what! – Watch this space…


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