Anxiety Explained


Long term anxiety comes from a traumatic occurrence when you were younger. Something that you might have dealt with better if you were older. In that initial state of shock your unconscious mind helps you plan to “never feel like this again.” And it then gives you an automated unconscious program of hyper vigilance. The idea being that if you are on the constant look out for danger then you might just avoid it next time. This is why you always feel like something bad is about to happen. Of course the more you focus on what could go wrong, the more you spot those things. This turns into how you feel about life and how you think others feel about you.

Luckily the answer is just as fast as the one incident learning of the problem.  I help people get rid of their anxiety, however long they have had it, typically in just one session. Most people believe that there is nothing that can be done for them and therefore have never sought out help. Unfortunately anxiety does not get better, it gets worse.

Each and every person that comes for treatment thinks they will be the one person I cannot help, or that it will take a fortnight! Whilst you are special and unique it is fortunate that the mind operates in a very predictable way, it is a knowledge of this that makes my treatments so effective and long lasting.

Even if you have many different issues, they usually have one core issue, like a thread running through them. This is the core issue and i deal with it by resolving the first incident of it. You don’t even need to know what that was, it’s for me to find!

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