Anxiety is what most of my clients have, even if they do not call it that themselves! It is being in a perpetual alert state of vigilance for a perceived, but undetermined danger. It is as though you have to expect an attack at any moment. This constant state of alert leads to the body being in a continual stressed state. Stress is useful in small doses to get things done, but continuous stress is really injurious to health as it shuts down parts of your body whilst putting other parts into overdrive. It is almost as though you are tearing yourself in half.

This constant stress ensures that your health suffers and that adds additional stress so it becomes a vicious downward spiral.

How did you get Anxious? Typically it involves a traumatic incident in the clients youth. Some know what the initial incident was, some do not and many find out that what they thought it was, was only a later incident, most likely caused by the ongoing issues of the first. A bit like dominos falling over. Whether you know or not is immaterial, because either I can find it, or I can have your unconscious deal with it without you even finding out what it was. I don’t get to decide this, your unconscious does! If it feels it is too traumatic for you to see again it simply won’t let you and therefore throws it away.

In many cases the initial trauma, whilst incredibly frightening at the time, can be seen as quite trivial by you as an adult. I have helped hundreds of people escape their anxiety and in every case to date the trauma is more about the feelings about themselves, rather than the person or circumstance that caused the problem. Initial traumas range from sexual abuse to a simple off-hand comment.

Removing anxiety: Removal happens when the unconscious understands that the anxiety program is out of date and unhelpful or injurious to your life. As the job of the unconscious is to look after you it cannot continue running a program that does you more harm than good. I use the spaces in your head that are emptied out of the old program to install a feeling of love, joy and peace. Major improvements are instant and long lasting. Most clients have a week during which their only anxiety is simply that the anxiety may return, it never has yet. After a week of it not returning clients simply get on with their new enhanced lives!


Barbara had a lifetime of anxiety and this had also led to health issues. It took Barbara two years from hearing about Steven to making that call that changed her life! Please don’t you wait, make the call now: 01526 832 563