Bin those Old Thoughts

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Bin It – the Answer to bad thoughts

I have a simple technique to share with you to remove those annoying inner thoughts that keep bothering you. You know what I mean and if you are saying “No, what do you mean” then that is the voice!

We have thoughts, emotions and pain for one reason – to lead us to action.

If we ignore our thoughts emotions or pain sometimes the small stuff goes away.

If we constantly chew over our thoughts emotions and pain we intensify them!

So the answer is simple but so, so effective.

1, Accept this is a message requiring action.

2, Listen carefully to the message you are being given and thank it for the gift that it is.

3, Analyse carefully, what the positive intent is for you.

4, Learn the lesson.

5, Take the action.

6, If the unwanted thought returns, check you have done the previous 5 steps.

7, Bin that thought!

Explanation of number 7: Take the now defunct message, the words or the image and visualise a dustbin, open the lid and dispose of the thought into it. Close the lid so that you can no longer see or hear it. If later the defunct thought appears again take it straight to this imaginary bin immediately. Do this the instant it appears, so that you don’t hear the full sentence or see the whole image, and repeat this binning process as often as required until it goes completely.

The trick is to dispose of it using all your senses, so see the bin big and bright, hear the solid lid open and close, smell the rubbish whilst the lid is open, feel the texture of the lid handle and hear the silence remaining after the lid closes.

It doesn’t even have to be a bin. Use your imagination for what will work for you, what about a shredder, a space ship, a large weight that falls on it, a chain saw or anything else you can think of.

This simple technique can be life changing, please share it with everyone you know.

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