Misery Guts


There are certain people I cannot help! These fall into a term my Father often used about people who cannot be pleased, he called them Misery Guts. It fits perfectly and I didn’t really grasp the “guts” part of it. Why not misery mind or misery head. A weekend training with Philip Shepherd about the…

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Don’t Feed The Monster


Today on a Forum for therapists I see yet another posting about “A client has this problem – what technique shall I use?” To me this is like a plumber, about to go out to mend a leak saying to himself “I will just take one of my tools with me, from what they have…

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Depression – can it be beaten?

This is a video by Kaye Beebe, a client of mine. We met under strange circumstances as she was about to take her own life and found my card in her pocket. She called me and I sensed the urgency to see her so asked her to come and see me directly. That started a…

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10 Reasons Brexit Won


I hope this has goes some way to explain why those voting to leave are not “All stupid and racist”, and why those who voted to stay may think they are! The Brexit win came as a surprise to many. The shock initially led to many ‘Remainers’ unable to get their head around what they…

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Got any Self Worth?


This video reflects my last few weeks of rapid learning about depression and lack of self worth. As always this is my simplified version of how it works!

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The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life


It’s Not 42 – it is Significance. (The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life) As a Therapist and Intuitive I am constantly absorbing lessons about life. I observe many issues that people have and notice the similarities to other clients and to my own life. Although the brain is complex and no-one really understands…

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Look Forward to Going Back in Time!

Look forward going Back tardis-630x315

Working with a Time Line. Although I regularly work with time lines it remain a favourite of mine and never fails to amaze me with the results that come from such a quick intervention.     Q, What is a time line? A, It is a therapeutic technique, enabling you to go back in your…

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Hypnosis Q and A

Hypnosis Q ansd A ripples-630x315

Hypnosis is a very pleasant experience.  I have written this Q&A as some people are apprehensive about it or have mistaken views about what it is, what it does and who is in charge.  Most of the misapprehension comes from stage hypnosis and films where people appear to be taken over and do things beyond…

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Ten Pin Core Theory


The Problem Behind the Problem When someone fist approaches me for therapy they summarise what their problem is. I listen carefully and take notes. This in fact is not the problem it is the symptom that appears because of the underlying problem. As I question them about the symptom I learn about what conditions are…

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NLP Explained Simply

NLP faceinthesky-630x315

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) sounds complex but is just about the way that words affect us. NLP is a fantastic way of helping people achieve whatever they want. Based on “modelling” (studying) people who are the best in their chosen field, sifting what they do and reducing it down to all the elements that are…

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Bin those Old Thoughts

Bin It dustybin-630x315

Bin It – the Answer to bad thoughts I have a simple technique to share with you to remove those annoying inner thoughts that keep bothering you. You know what I mean and if you are saying “No, what do you mean” then that is the voice! We have thoughts, emotions and pain for one…

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Placebo and Nocebo


The following are not my words, they are something that I believe in. Source: http://www.skepdic.com/nocebo.html Nocebo and Nocebo effect Research has…shown that the nocebo effect can reverse the body’s response to true medical treatment from positive to negative. (Root-Bernstein 1998) A nocebo (Latin for “I will harm”) is something that should be ineffective but which…

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Do You Mind?

Do You Mind freeway-and-shadows-630x315

This is my somewhat simplistic and condensed overview of the concept behind your mind’s workings and how the treatments I provide work. Basically there are three ways the brain works. 1, The hardwired part, that even when in a coma will still operate your heart and breathing. 2, Conscious awareness, where we concentrate on a…

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Underconfidence in Women


I had puzzled for many years why the majority of women I interviewed for jobs and training courses were under confident for their very obvious abilities. I had interviewed over 2,000 people, with approximately a 50/50 gender split. Out of the women, those whose confidence matched or equalled their abilities were less than I could…

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Universal Truths


Universal Truths – these are tried and trusted thoughts and are applicable to everyone regardless of income, where they live, race colour or sex. Getting What you Want – Concentrate on what you want to happen, not on outcomes that you don’t want. Repeated keywords in your thoughts such as “divorce” when you are having…

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Introducing the Incredible Nick Vujucic


Let me introduce you to the most incredible person on the planet. If you are feeling bad about anything in your life or think you can’t achieve something, just watch this video to see how powerful the human mind is in achieving whatever task you set it.     Thank you for watching, now what…

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Neil Holborn


  Please let me introduce you to Neil Holborn. Neil has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). I wanted you to see this amazing guy telling a love story in the form of a poem. The purpose of me showing you this is for you to gain an understanding that thoughts are just thoughts and if we…

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Eleanor Longden


I just love this talk by Eleanor! To me it sums up how often simple things are made out to be complex and that a simple reassurance of how the mind actually works could have such a profound effect in helping people overcome their problems.

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Lizzie Velasquez


Lizzie Velasquez, an amazing lady who turned misfortune into opportunity. A great example of taking the hand you are dealt and making it a winning one!

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Ups and Downs


The ups and downs of life. Don’t think you are unusual; we all have ups and downs in life, that is usual. People with bi-polar have extremes of ups and downs and people with depression have extreme lows and few highs. We assume that people who are rich have extreme highs and few lows and…

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Mind Your Language!


Nothing to do with swearing! The language we use every day has an incredible impact on our life. Not just what we say to others and what they say to us. The worst language seems to be aimed at what we say to ourselves. Most people say things about themselves that would really upset them…

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Gastric Surgery is it the Answer?


I often hear surgeons on TV or Radio state that “gastric surgery is the only answer to the obesity crisis”. This is usually after concluding that their patients have “tried everything else”. I regularly get enquiries from people who have had gastric surgery and still seeking help with weight loss! So here is what I…

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Givers and Takers Theory


I have a theory I would like to share with you and hear your opinions on (I have many theories). I’ve not fleshed it out yet so here are the basics. It’s about relationships and whilst it is a belief I have held for sometime it snapped sharply into focus following my NLP breakout session…

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From Burglars to Saviours!

burglars 2 saviours policeline-630x315

Change your perception and you change your life! I have lived alone for several years and recently took in lodgers. In the last 40 years I had never lived with anyone other than a wife or partner this was quite a big step and was only brought about by circumstances dictating a need to do…

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Why Me?


“Why me?” sounds like a great question. In fact it is probably the worst question you can ask yourself. Why? Because there will never be an answer; and because of that you will really screw yourself up with the internal conflict of seeking the answer. Just think for a moment of the opposite question, “Why…

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Don’t Mention the Nail


I found this an amusing video because it shows how women want to be listened to when they have a problem and how men want to fix the problem! Unsurprisingly I fit into the later category. Want to Remove the Nail? I show this so I can explain how I work. Male or female if…

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Pick Your Own Body


The 5 Bodies Theory on Dieting This is my personal theory based on 6 years experience of helping hundreds of people lose weight, and my knowledge as a Neuro Linguistic Programmer of how the mind works. Please accept that in an attempt to explain my theory as simply as possible I will be making assumptions…

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Weight Balance Theory

Balance Theory 2015-See-Saw4-630x315

If your weight is an issue then this may help explain what you can do about it. This is part of my 5 bodies theory explained here. Video version of Balance theory here or read on. Your weight swings one way and then the next, at times somewhere near the weight/body-size that you want at…

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Truth or Perception?


I came across some intriguing reactions to this video on Facebook. Please watch it first before reading further or you won’t understand what I’m referring to. The video shows swans feeding Koi Carp and as such it is well received as a heart warming and tender exchange between different species. The comments I saw expressed…

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The One Client I Never Wanted!


Usually I’m helping others and can’t talk about it because it is confidential, but in the early hours of Saturday morning I helped someone totally change their situation and he doesn’t mind me sharing! As soon as he became receptive to my help it took less than 2 minutes to resolve the problem. My client…

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Why that last Diet Didn’t Work!

last diet whoops-630x135

The Biggest Issue about Losing Weight that no one ever explains. Everything you will read about losing weight boils down to the simple equation of Calories in versus Calories out (used). And as a simple overview it’s a great explanation, because following the rule to have less going in than is used up will result…

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Mindfulness is it Not the Answer?


I keep hearing about mindfulness and consciousness as though they are the trendy new answer to our problems. Well I’m not convinced.  I do see them as part of the solution and it is my opinion they are nearly there, perhaps just one level from the top. Let me lay out my thoughts before arguing…

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Cling on Theory


If you were holding a balloon and it started to lift you off the ground you would, most likely, just let it go! But what if it was also connected to someone you love? What if you really liked the balloon? What if it was very valuable? At some point you either have to decide…

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Getting the S**t out of Your Life


It’s strange how often our language reflects the literal meaning. I help people to take control of the thoughts that control them and the best indicator of the cause behind whatever problem they present me with, is their use of language. A few days ago this became evident, when a client didn’t want to tell…

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Answers that go Bump in the Night

bump in the night bedpost-630x315

My partner still hopes for perfection from herself and then beats herself up with it, fortunately she does not expect it from me, as I gave up a few years ago as the need for glasses and my annoyance at wearing them led to my practical handy work to become “good enough” rather than “spot…

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Stuck in a Loop?

Stuck in a loop-630x252

We all know what we should do and yet we struggle to do it. This is because very little of what we do is done consciously. Our unconscious processes drive most of everything we do. This is because of repetition and the learning process from it. When we know something and have done it many…

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So What is the Message?

whats the message iloveyou-630x315

Every Day I understand a little more about how the mind works. I regularly talk to the unconscious aspect of it and program myself. I wanted to understand better how it transfers the voice in my head to practical applications of what it does for me. It rewarded me with the answer in a dream.…

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Cannot See the Wood for the Saplings

wood through saplings gatetonowhere-630x315

An interesting and somewhat amusing insight came from a very innocent statement. My partner, Trudy, and I arrived on her driveway and before we got out of the car she spotted something of concern in the garden. She said “I really must cut those saplings”. There were 3 saplings from two to three feet high,…

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The Unconscious Not Just a Flash in the Pan


It’s amazing what the unconscious can do that the conscious mind cannot. Each day I find more examples but today it surpassed itself. I set it a task and it provided the answer in such a way that a lot of learning became available. The Mystery of the Vanishing Water I discovered a problem with…

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50 Shades of Greyish White


As a therapist I am very aware of the prominent thought processes that mess up people’s lives. Often this takes the form of them seeing things in the terms of being black or white with no shades of grey – certainly not 50! For most of is there is comfort in the certainty of Black…

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Power Crazy

Power Crazy

A few years ago I came to the conclusion that in a relationship the one who loves the least has the power in that relationship. As with all my lessons in life, as a therapist, I now share them where it is relevant and appropriate. When Jane (not her real name) seemed a little perturbed…

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So Where is the Catch?


Every day I learn several more lessons about life, these often come from mundane things and yet they can make the most profound learning experiences. Usually I take how the mind works and transfer it into how to deal with practical issues, but today’s blogs is learning about how the mind works from the practical.…

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The Mystery of the Invisible Love Note


This week I had the same lesson twice! On Monday morning I discovered that my car had about £200 worth of items stolen from it overnight. Four days later I found several items that I had reported stolen had just as mysteriously reappeared. On Saturday I found a love note in my wallet, see main…

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Deceptive Tale of the Magnetic Shield

Magnetic Shield

This snippet of amatuer video had been captured from my talk this weekend and I decided to let you have it in the Raw, so to speak. This is a metaphor I made up to reflect the main issue behind the problem that EVERY client presents me with! If we have a background problem it…

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Light, Camera, Action


I saw this birdcage in Asda’s and just had to get it. I’m always fascinated by design and the thought or otherwise that goes into it. Here we have a bird, outside of an empty birdcage, symbolic of escape and freedom. And yet what does it do? It sits on the top – even when…

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The World is Full Of Wonderful People!


The world is full of wonderful people! A few years ago I got myself into a very poor financial state, had only the 80p in my pocket and had no credit facilities and no income. There seemed no way out until I asked for help from the Universe…. I had extended my home believing I…

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Understanding Yourself


Understanding You You know that voice in your head? You know, that one that tells you bad stuff and brings on thoughts and emotions you would rather not have. And if you are thinking “what voice” – that’s the one. Well, it’s not you! Yes that’s right it’s not you. Nor is it your ego,…

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Depression Explained


I cannot vouch that this applies to all cases of depression, but it does for those I have dealt with. Please read on and see if you recognise my description. Depression has the same cause as long term anxiety – an initial traumatic event. Except that this time the automated unconscious program is to hide…

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Anxiety Explained


Long term anxiety comes from a traumatic occurrence when you were younger. Something that you might have dealt with better if you were older. In that initial state of shock your unconscious mind helps you plan to “never feel like this again.” And it then gives you an automated unconscious program of hyper vigilance. The…

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