Cling on Theory


clingontheoryIf you were holding a balloon and it started to lift you off the ground you would, most likely, just let it go! But what if it was also connected to someone you love? What if you really liked the balloon? What if it was very valuable? At some point you either have to decide – let go or hang on. It’s an easy decision whilst your feet are on the ground, a bit harder when you are 2 feet up, and at 300 feet the option reduces to just the one – hanging on for your life. Even a safety net is not going to tempt you to let go if that high up!

I often help people who feel trapped in a relationship. As an outsider I can see their feet are barely off the ground. However, it’s not usually how they see it though, they cling on as though there is no option but falling to a terrible ghastly death or serious injury. If you have others supporting you it’s like having a safety net, without that it seems a lot more difficult. It really needs a careful look at the reality of the current situation and assess whether the temporary pain of the fall is better than the eternal pain of clinging on! To assess it correctly requires that the concentration on the balloon is relaxed while you decide how high up you really are!

You only live this life once, thanks for reading, Steven

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