Deceptive Tale of the Magnetic Shield

Magnetic Shield

This snippet of amatuer video had been captured from my talk this weekend and I decided to let you have it in the Raw, so to speak.

This is a metaphor I made up to reflect the main issue behind the problem that EVERY client presents me with! If we have a background problem it comes from some point in our life when something traumatic happened and whilst in that shocked state your world of reality becomes somewhat distorted (see my previous post).

As we try and make sense of it, the lesson we learn is often not particularly helpful and usually consists of “Don’t get in that same position/situation again”. This is the one time learning typical of phobias or lifelong fears, anxieties or unhelpful personality traits, particularly of avoidance.

It also explains to us therapists why clients often don’t show up, or why even though we can “help” someone they do not seem interested in getting “fixed”.

The issue is that your self protection system could only have been installed in your best interest, because your unconscious takes great care to protect you and ensure your survival. It believes it has done a good job and the proof is that you are still alive.

Whilst the “cure” needs to come at the unconscious level we need to get through the gatekeeper of the mind and that isn’t going to happen if we tell it we are going to take the shield away. We need to convince it first it is doing more harm than good and that the thing it was protecting us from is no longer a danger.

It is only when we throw the shield away that we truly become free….

What are you holding on to that no longer serves you?

N.B. This video was an impromptu response to the issue raised by an audience member. It certainly reached her! I apologise for the film and sound quality of this amateur footage capturing the event, I hope it doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment of the concept. Please feel free to comment below.

N.B. Having given this further thought I have now seen the connection between the conclusion of therapy with my clients when they get that AHA moment. The “learning” they took from a past situation has really happened in a similar way. They have an incident that is traumatic or confusing and whilst in that state may miss something blindingly obvious that would have caused them to make a better judgement had they included it in their thought processes at the time. I have illustrated this with a new blog taken from my Sunday talk at this event

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