These are my personal thoughts based only on my own experiences with clients. Depression is an intentional protective system built by your unconscious mind, usually whilst you were a child. The imbalance of chemicals is the result – not the cause of depression. I can’t state this is true for all types of depression, but it is for all the client’s I have helped so far.

In every case I have dealt with the depression started as an initial childhood trauma. It has exactly the same start as anxiety. The difference being that whilst anxiety is a program of hyper vigilance to avoid a similar trauma by seeing it early – depression is a dark place to hide in, devoid of feeling until the storm blows over. Depression is the “freeze” part of fight, flight or freeze. Because you froze when confronted by your initial trauma, the more primitive part of the brain runs this program for you. It holds our reptilian processes which also includes not being sociable, which explains our wanting to be alone whilst depressed. Social interaction is known to be a healing process and yet our reptilian program ensures we get little of this healing through interaction.

Depression is an awful state, possibly the worst of all states, so this is not a conscious decision to hide there. It is an unconscious automated program designed by you as a child whilst in a state of shock. That is why it is inappropriate for you now as an adult.

So why do you suddenly drop into that darkness for no apparent reason? Even when you are enjoying yourself the unconscious is on the lookout to protect you. When something that you will struggle to cope with is perceived at an unconscious level, even before you become consciously aware of it, the automated program will kick in to protect you. Even though depression is the thing we would like to be protected from.

The thing is that depression is not given to you to learn from it – it is the result of learning the wrong thing from the initial situation, it was designed by a confused and traumatised child.

Removing the initial cause of depression is similar to removing the cause of anxiety. Often you learned this process in one session, you can therefore understand why and start to move away from it in one session. The difference from anxiety is that because of the depression you have not faced many issues and so not learned much about dealing with conflict, only about avoiding it. You will need to build up theses life skills of dealing with conflict, otherwise you will always need your depressive state to hide in. You may also have a pessimistic view on life that may be ingrained into your personality. Removing your depression will take time and effort on your behalf after this initial session.


Love always, Steven Blake mba