Depression – can it be beaten?

This is a video by Kaye Beebe, a client of mine. We met under strange circumstances as she was about to take her own life and found my card in her pocket. She called me and I sensed the urgency to see her so asked her to come and see me directly. That started a roller coaster of a ride for both of us. I was very used to helping people with anxiety make a major change in one session. So after three hours of her fighting me before letting me in, and a further 4 hours of work with her, I was delighted when she left my consulting room as an 8 out of 10. She had entered as a Zero out of ten and without being melodramatic I knew she wouldn’t be alive that night if I let her go. She admitted this to me some time later. However, despite leaving on such a high note the depression soon returned, and I saw her again several times each time starting from a slightly higher base figure and whilst getting her “up” again, unlike my anxiety clients, the effects really didn’t seem to stick. Many times we resolved what seemed the ultimate problem and she was improving so the lows got further apart, but still there was a tendency to drift back to depression and even the slightest movement in that direction worried her so much that it inevitably led to a spiral of decline. So several months later I had tried out all the things I knew and had even learned many new methodologies in attempt to help find her the solution that would stick.

I tried a new line of thought, that her unconscious would have the answer and so I asked it to find the solution in its own time. She called me three days later with the answer and a few days later we carried out what it asked. The solution having been provided by the unconscious was readily accepted to be implemented and the changes took place that day. Over this, the following week, her feedback shows that this time it has “taken” and everything about her is calm and logic has returned. So this is with thanks to Kaye for her sticking with me and for my unconscious allowing me the dogged determination to seek the answer, knowing that I didn’t know what it would be – but I knew it would come.

Please note that Kaye was incredibly happy both before and after the video, her desire to film it reflects her former struggle to live and the determination she has to help others understand that beating depression is possible – if anyone knows that, it is her. So I present to you Kaye Beebe an incredible and courageous woman.


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