Do You Mind?

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This is my somewhat simplistic and condensed overview of the concept behind your mind’s workings and how the treatments I provide work.

Basically there are three ways the brain works.

1, The hardwired part, that even when in a coma will still operate your heart and breathing.

2, Conscious awareness, where we concentrate on a thought or act.

3, Unconscious processes that were once a conscious thought or act.

For simplicity we will ignore the hardwiring formed by your DNA and concentrate on what wiring we develop ourselves.

The brain works similar to an old fashioned telephone exchange where connections are made by fine wiring and where a bigger load is needed stronger wires are used. Using this analogy: we are born with very few of these connections in place and as we have each learning experience this wiring and connections form, the more often we repeat the experience the stronger the wire and connections. The connections we start off with relate to what we will quickly need for survival and are quite developed, but unused.

As a child we have many things to learn and between age two and six we formulate a lot of the wiring based on what we perceive the lesson is. Obviously repeated lessons with the same outcome develop that pathway. In effect we are formulating a computer program of associating things, very much in the manner of “when I do this”, “I feel this”.

As we develop from childhood to becoming an adult we still operate on association of things, but have fewer new things entering our life. Association is both helpful and unhelpful. Without association we could not understand that this chair in front of us is for sitting on, we have to relate it to similar things called chairs we have already seen and used. Can you imagine a world where everything is new to you and you have no understanding of what it is or does? Association is unhelpful when your early learning experience was not based on something truthful or representative of the usual nature of that experience. So for instance, I, like a lot of people of my generation, was forced to eat everything on my plate. If I did not my Mum made a reference about starving children in Africa. The connection was made that me not eating every scrap of food somehow led to the death of some poor child! I still feel bad about not clearing my plate even though I am now 59 and “know” consciously that it will not harm anyone. my unconscious however still makes me feel bad!

When we rebel as teenagers this is not only the fight for independence, it is also all these new sexual feelings springing up with no association to the past (hopefully). As we get older we continue learning, but all the time based on these early programs. Early programs might be over-ridden in the normal course of life but the really strong ones have strong feelings attached and may interfere with how we see new situations.

If we get to a point in our life where we realise we keep having the same old problem over and over then this is almost certainly a program that needs correcting. When our thoughts hold us back this is called a “limiting belief” and this is what I seek out.

The way we operate unconsciously also affects our physical body. By thought alone you can slow down your breathing and alter your heart rate (but can’t overcome the program that keeps it going). Unconsciously our state of mind also affect ALL body parts, and yes I mean every cell in our body. Fight or Flight responses put our body in a high state of readiness of being attacked. This is the power of unconscious thought as it prepares every part of the body that will need to fight or run and turns of all parts of the body that aren’t needed. So it will turn off the digestive system, healing processes and most of your conscious brain, as these can work later once we have survived the sabre tooth tiger!

When we are under constant or regular stress then this causes major problems as we now have all this adrenalin and other chemicals and hormones pumping through our system for far longer than we were designed for. This is why we have ulcers, brain fog from the system shut down and heart attacks from the overworking of it!

We are designed as a survival machine for our genetic material and survival is what we are good at and why we have evolved into such complex creatures. Modern living has so quickly outpaced the evolution of our bodies, that we are now faced with abundant food and a handy water supply. Whilst this is a great advance it does mean our lives are not as we were designed for which was a balanced intake of calories whilst we expended most of them searching for more food and water. Our intake of data from the environment was low and the stress limited to survival issues.

I think you can see this explains why a healthy balanced diet and a stress free life is highly recommended for a long and healthy life.

Now this is where I come in! The tools I use come from Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Quite simply these are methods of accessing the unconscious aspect of the mind. It then relies on my experience and knowledge to help you reprogram that original learning experience that is at the heart of your problem.

Hypnosis is an enjoyable experience of deep relaxation, that you put yourself into with my help. You will be fully aware of everything that is going on around you and are able to come out of it at will. Everyday you go in and out of trance without realising it, for instance when you read a book or see a film you will have been absorbed totally and if someone had interrupted you, you would have had to change state, coming back into the room mentally. I find getting people into hypnosis incredibly easy, in fact many professional health carers come to me for their first experience of going into trance.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is all about how the language we use affects us by programming our thoughts and behaviour. Its origins are from studying therapists who achieved exceptional results and formulating methods of replicating those changes. This is a talking therapy and involves guiding you to access all your senses to make changes to your programs.

Both of these access methods make changes that are amazing and significant. These changes are based on what you want and totally in your best interest. Speed of results are incredible and many issues, even long held problems are often resolved in just one session.

In my opinion the most wonderful thing about these treatments are that you do not have to re-live any trauma and that you can go through the process without having to explain any details of what happened to start it (unless you want to).

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