Don’t Mention the Nail


I found this an amusing video because it shows how women want to be listened to when they have a problem and how men want to fix the problem! Unsurprisingly I fit into the later category.

Want to Remove the Nail?
I show this so I can explain how I work. Male or female if you want to be listened to, seek out a friend or a counsellor. However if you want a fast, effective resolution to any problem involving thought processes and unwanted emotions then I am exactly who you need. I always seek out the cause of the problem not just the symptom. In effect I help you pull the nail out as painlessly as possible and remove your desire to hammer another one in!

Don’t Wait
Whilst the majority of clients wait to contact me until things are unbearable, there really is no need to put yourself through that. Many of those clients resolve the problem they have had for many years, typically in one “core” Therapeutic Session. Only weeks ago, in less than two hours, I helped someone overcome a very deep seated fear that had badly affected her daily life for over 40 years! When she said she wished she had done this 40 years ago the only consolation was that it really wasn’t available then. A 62 year old problem resolved is my record so far! If you have a major issue to resolve please checkout my therapeutic treatment sessions.

MOT and Check up
Instead of waiting while it is unbearable or we break down, wouldn’t it be great if we all took the same care of ourselves as we do for our cherished vehicles. They have a regular checkup and servicing to make sure everything is ok. I now also offer Thought Coaching and this is my version of an MOT, a Mastery Of Thought checkup and regular service!

Automated Programs
We are rarely conscious of many of our thought processes, which operate at the unconscious programmed way the mind works. About 80% of these programs you “learned” before the age of 6 and many are no longer helpful, are out of date, or never were true or helpful. I can help you weed out those things you no longer want, unwarranted: emotions, feelings and actions or help you instal new programs that will improve your confidence or performance.

Thought Taming Service
As a Thought tamer I can provide a regular service of enhancing your thoughts and abilities such as you would expect from the best of life coaches, I’m not just here for helping remove the bad things! You don’t need to wait until it feels bad, give me a call and lets see together what becomes apparent that I can help you tweak the necessary bits to keep you on the road to a happy and healthy future.

Call me today to discuss a session, regular service or checkup, Steven 01526 832 563 it’s free to have a confidential, no obligation initial discussion.

doorTestimonial extract (click here to see more) Steven is fantastic. He is sincere. He is reliable. He talks, he doesn’t judge. But moreover, he listens. He reasons. He does not criticise, belittle, doubt or patronise. He is genuine and, although you will leave his session thinking, a lot… will leave his session positive, self believing and ready to embark on a journey either alone or with Steven to combat the issue you had before you walked through his door. it really is ok to let it go and then possessing the liberty of understanding is literally like unlocking a previously bolted door and watching the once shaded lawn be flooded with warm sunshine.

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