From Burglars to Saviours!

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Change your perception and you change your life!

I have lived alone for several years and recently took in lodgers. In the last 40 years I had never lived with anyone other than a wife or partner this was quite a big step and was only brought about by circumstances dictating a need to do so!

I had always seen multiple shared living as intrusive, almost like living with burglars, strangers who not only see everything you have but also share some of it. Even sounds you make are no longer private and this was important enough to me that I have always sought detached properties so as not to have to share even the noise with my neighbours.


So, as a very private individual, how do I cope with “strangers” in my house?……………… I know this wonderful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique called re-framing. This is where you take any situation that feels negative to you and you re-frame it so as to see it from a positive viewpoint. It’s great for where something bothers you and you cannot change the circumstances, with this method you can change how you perceive it.

In my case I could see that without the income from my lodgers, I would no longer be able to stay in my home. And that if I moved, initially it would be rented accommodation, where I would be very lucky to get the size, comfort and facilities I have currently. So I flipped my perception of “strangers in the house is like being burgled” to these “wonderful people who let me share THEIR house for FREE”!

It really is like a switch being flipped. My new attitude means that things that would have bothered me, I don’t even notice. And when the occasional problem occurs where something get broken or stops working I just take it in my stride and accept that “things happen” and that proportionally the more people that live here the more frequent these events will be.

I now live in a very harmonious environment. The dramatic changes I perceived in advance have never been an issue and instead of feeling “burgled” my “Saviours” enable me to have a good life.

All this from a simple change of words resulting in a big change of attitude!

You can also use it to help friends who seem stuck in a string of bad “circumstances” (more later).

If you are interested in learning more, either call me or just share with friends by using the button below and if enough people do I will make a free explanatory video for you and them!


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