Getting the S**t out of Your Life


It’s strange how often our language reflects the literal meaning. I help people to take control of the thoughts that control them and the best indicator of the cause behind whatever problem they present me with, is their use of language.

A few days ago this became evident, when a client didn’t want to tell me any personal stuff and used the words “everyone does” shortly after each use of the “but” word. He felt relaxed in telling me about “everyone” unbeknown to him that I knew he meant himself and it gave me chance to find out about him as he felt safe to open up thinking he was holding back on giving his personal feelings hidden.

Most people who come and see me want a better life and often state it as “I want the shit out of my life”. Recently this became very literal when a close friend confided that she was constipated most of the time, often going three or more days between going to the loo.

Whilst I deal with peoples mental processes, this often results in their bodily processes being affected by their (unconscious and automatic) thought processes. When I enquired how long this had been going on, she recollected connections back to her early childhood. With that recollection came a look that most often reflects anxiety and I asked her to tell me what was triggered off. She described, as a child, having an outside toilet and it soon became apparent that at that early age she became really aware that not only did everyone about including neighbours know where she was going, but from the time spent in there they also knew exactly what she was doing!

She became embarrassed even talking about it and I could see that this was unpleasant enough for her to not want to make this “walk of shame” very often and her unconscious granted her wish with a life time of constipation (over 50 years worth).

When I discussed this with her and it dawned on her that this was a very likely cause, her body did join in shortly afterwards and let her go! However, this was just a one off, so when next we met I accessed her unconscious mind and had a chat with it, did a bit of bargaining about how the old program was no longer needed and had been the original choice of a five year old. It had caused her a life time of grief and could cause serious problems if it carried on. With that the unconscious agreed to remove the old program and replace it with a daily routine. Within 12 hours two trips to the loo and it continues to work.

I use a technique that allows direct talk to the unconscious without having to trance or trick the conscious to get out of the way, so all this was done just whilst chatting, with her permission of course.

Over 50 years of a shit program, removed and replaced in less than an hour.

So what’s bothering you, that you been stuck with for years?


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