Homework Explained!

As you have had a session with me you get access to some wonderful ways of continuing your progression.


Often my clients compete a lot in one session. It really is impossible to retain all that you were asked to do afterwards. So here are the reminders and explanations for you to browse at your leisure. And if you spot something we haven't discussed please feel free to use it if it will be of benefit to you.

Members Only

These products and services are for you as a privileged client, please do not share this with others, it may interfere with the process if they come to me for treatment. Please get them to discuss their needs with me. Thanks, Steven

Client's will understand the details of these things - this is just a reminder of what is available:

Hand Flip

Take your thoughts out of your head and place them on your upturned palm. Make it a as real an object as you can, texture, colour, weight, smell, sound etc. Twist and flick it off to have the back of your hand upright. Now think of the exact opposite - Think of the thing you do want - not the thing you don't want. Repeat as often as is required.


Find at least three things to be grateful for in each day. Bring them to mind just before going to sleep. Look for new things each day in addition to the regular ones.

Sleeping  on the answer

If you go to bed with stuff to chew over you will either not get to sleep or will forget the answer by morning - both options are frustrating. Anything you need to remember write it down and then let go of the thought, knowing you can be reminded in the morning. For things you need an answer for - pass it over to your unconscious and let it work on it and give you the answer when you awake.

Happy Dance

Put on happy music - allow every part of your body to join in - doing what it wants to do!

What Others Think Of You is None of Your Business.

Just remember that anything external to you is never under your control. What others say and do is none of your business and is not about you it is a reflection of their thoughts, feeling beliefs and paranoia.

Wide Vision

Focused on a problem? Use the technique I showed you to widen the field of vision and hold it there whilst everything calms down.

Think What You Want - Not What You Don't Want!

It's no good telling the taxi driver where you don't want to go! Make sure you give your unconscious clear instruction about what you want - not what you don't. You will confuse it and it will get you the wrong thing - be clear what you want.

Self Worth out of 10

Check out your self worth level and get it to a ten as soon as possible - it's only up to you - no one else!

Observe Your Feelings

Don't fight them, just observe them with interest to see if you recognise the "triggers."

Don't Feed the MONSTER

You are in charge of the monster, feeding it energy makes it grow, so does trying to pretend it is not there. Acknowledge it exists but do not feed it anything and it will shrink down until it is no longer a threat.