Look Forward to Going Back in Time!

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Working with a Time Line.

Although I regularly work with time lines it remain a favourite of mine and never fails to amaze me with the results that come from such a quick intervention.



Q, What is a time line?

A, It is a therapeutic technique, enabling you to go back in your thoughts to examine and evaluate them, make adjustments and bring those back into the current time.


Q, What is the effect?

A, You return back into the current time with the initial problem in perspective and with the internal conflict resolved. It’s almost like it never happened.


Q, What if I don’t know what the problem is?

A, Well you know what the symptoms are and it’s down to the practitioner to find the first instance of the problem and tackle it.


Q, That sounds like I will have to re-live the problem?

A, No. You will be  taken to a time just before the initial event and will be able to watch it dispassionately.


Q, What actually happens?

A, You walk along a line on the floor and use your imagination to reconnect with old memories.  It will even reach deeply buried memories.


Q, How long does it take?

A, A session will normally take between one and two hours, the time line will be only part of that.


Q, Will I be in a trance?

A, No. You will be fully conscious and able to walk whilst accessing your thoughts.


Q, Does it work for everyone?

A, I’ve never yet had anyone who it has not had dramatic and instant results.


Q, How long will it work for?

A, Once you learn something you are changed for good, there is no turning back.  This is a learning process at a deep level.


I hope you find this helpful.

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