Misery Guts


There are certain people I cannot help! These fall into a term my Father often used about people who cannot be pleased, he called them Misery Guts. It fits perfectly and I didn’t really grasp the “guts” part of it. Why not misery mind or misery head. A weekend training with Philip Shepherd about the brain being in the gut led me to the conclusion: Misery Gut’s is a way of being. It is not a deliberate act of pessimism, just the way they are in the same way that others are naturally happy. They seek out and only notice what is wrong in life (it’s not Depression – that’s entirely different).

What brought me to this topic? Well my main body of work has been helping people overcome a life time of anxiety – typically making a major change in one session. Out of hundreds of people I helped there were only four I couldn’t help with a lasting effect. All four had been booked in by someone else (a practice I don’t allow any more) and for three out of four the person that booked them in was paying for the treatment – so no real contribution from the client either monetary or seeking out help.

More recently I developed a method of removing Old Pain Messages for physical pain (OldPain2Go) and now teach others how to do this fast and effective method to get lasting relief. Yet again the type of person that it either doesn’t work on, or doesn’t last for was raised, and yet again it mainly falls into the Misery Guts category.

We now have an added twist that my fellow OldPain2Go practitioners and I occasionally will get someone who wants to prove no-one can help them. So by coming to someone with expertise and not allowing it to work, it can prove how especially bad it is for them. This really gives them something even better to moan about and now they can put the failure onto someone else – not themselves.

Darwin’s theory of evolution is that of the “survival of the fittest,” where fittest relates to their adaptation to their environment. But you see for Misery Guts’s they neither adapt to their environment nor do they move to an environment that is better adapted to them. Why would they as their only pleasure is to moan and for others to hear their sad stories of a hard life – whilst not realising it is no harder for them than for anyone else.

So, how do you please a misery guts? You cannot, because they cannot even please themselves – and anyway, whoever you are and whatever you do, IT’s NOT YOUR JOB!

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