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Please let me introduce you to Neil Holborn. Neil has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). I wanted you to see this amazing guy telling a love story in the form of a poem. The purpose of me showing you this is for you to gain an understanding that thoughts are just thoughts and if we believe them, then we turn them into reality. In this case Neil, amongst many other things, turns lights on and off for a set number of times, locks the door a set number of times & kisses his girlfriend a set number of times (which for some reason increases on a Wednesday). Please have a look now, ignore the scary looking face on the cover of the video, he is in full flight about his passion and loss.

How many of us have thoughts that we never question whether they are true, whether they are helpful or detrimental and yet we either act on them and turn them into reality or dwell on them and live in the associated pain we manifest.

I find it really interesting how his girlfriend uses her thoughts and reframes them from what could annoy most people into the safe feeling from locking the door 18 times, the turning on and off of the lights she visualises as days passing. She uses her thoughts to achieve the state she desires, in contrast he feels compelled to use his thoughts just as they are, even to his own detriment.

Neil’s girlfriend started off finding his compulsiveness quite quirky, but in the end found it irritating and left him. Neil now leaves the door unlocked and the light on hoping for her return. Despite his severe OCD he managed to overcome the thoughts that had hurt him.

Is your light on? If not when will it come on and stay on?

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Wishing you all that you need for yourself, Steven

For possibly the most uplifting and extreme example of the power of thought over personal circumstances please see the video of Nick Vujucic.

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