OldPain2Go is a method of using your own internal system to eradicate or lower the old pain message that blights your life. Quite simply pain is a message that alerts us to damage in the body so that we can do whatever is needed to stop causing any more damage and allow the healing. The initial alarm message however sometimes carries on way past it being helpful. So let me share this analogy of a smoke alarm to explain:

Imagine you live in a house where the smoke alarm triggered 10 years ago for a fire that was put out that night. However, the alarm has continued to ring incredibly loudly 24 hours a day 7 days a week ever since.

You cannot throw the alarm away or take the batteries out because that would put you at the risk of serious injury or death and so would muffling the sound with a pillow. So you can’t live with this alarm, but you also cannot live without it!

Have you ever thought that whilst it keeps ringing loudly it will not alert you if a new fire has started in the vicinity? Or that eventually it will need to ring evermore louder so that you are still aware of it and alert?

So imagine now that someone invents a reset button. It is simply to operate all you do is press it once and it tells the alarm that the fire it warned us about is out and it can now look out for new fires. The first fire may have caused irreparable damage but that is not the concern of the smoke alarm, it is programmed so that the smell of charcoal does not falsely trigger it. Its only job is to alert us to present danger only as and when it happens.

So would you like me to explain why you haven’t come across the OldPain2Go method of pain removal/reduction before? Or why it isn’t used by every doctor on the planet? Or why it wasn’t invented earlier? Or why there is a charge for the service? – Or shall we just get on with releasing you from the pain?


OldPain2Go Method

This method works by negotiating with that part of the mind that runs your body. Quite simply we tell your unconscious that the pain is causing a problem and suggests it checks out whether this old message still needs to be there. If your unconscious mind checks out all the options it will always chose the one that is safe and gives the best quality of life. If it feels that the pain is still needed at the same level to keep you safe then it will not change anything. However in the vast majority of cases it will either turn the Old Pain Message OFF, or more rarely turn it down to an acceptable and manageable level.

The practitioner will not need to touch the injured area and will talk to your unconscious mind without trance just using a simple way of setting up a yes signal. Depending upon the complexity of the pain issue this may take up to an hour or just a few minutes. The Practitioner is not a healer and does nothing to you, they will just help you contact your own healing powers and get the best deal possible.

OldPain2Go has worked on all types of pain, even where morphine has ceased to be effective. The length of time you have had it does not affect the outcome, it turned off totally for a person who had severe arthritis pain for 45 years. There is no need for repeat sessions OldPain2Go either wipes out the old message or turns the pain down to an acceptable level. It does not numb the area and so it is safe as new pain will alert you to a new problem or a deterioration.

Steven created this method from the learning he took from helping hundreds of clients overcome their emotional pains. He has studied many healing modalities and has taken the essence of what works and thrown away all the unnecessary padding. He learned the basic technique behind this whilst studying NLP and has been pain free for the last 5 years from a severe back problem that had blighted his life for 40 years. It adds in muscle relaxation and inflammation reduction.

Steven teaches this method, which because of its simplicity only takes a day and can be learned by anyone regardless of having other healing skills. Whilst the outcome may seem miraculous this is not a gift, just a proven method of reaching harmony with your own internal systems.

Please contact Steven to enquire about how this may help you or to book a place on the next training event.

Call 01526 832 563 UK time between 9:00am and 8:30 for a free confidential discussion, with no obligation.

An OldPain2Go Session costs from £120. This is regardless of time taken and the initial discussion should enable the elimination of those people that cannot be helped by the process. Whilst you can make an enquiry on behalf of someone else, they will need to phone Steven directly to book the session.

Sessions are payable in advance at http://OldPain2Go.com/value. 

Love always, Steven

For a list of all the OldPain2Go Practitioners I have trained please go here: http://oldpain2go.com/practitioners


Before calling me, just consider what your life would be like when you are pain freeIs that a good feeling? If so call me NOW 01526 832 563!

Or was there a hesitancy based on any issues the loss of pain will cause you such as:

#1, Loss of income because you have a financial dependency on your disability.

#2, Loss of any help, kindness or sympathy you receive that would not otherwise be in your life.

#3, Loss of a reason to not do things you would otherwise feel forced into doing.

#4, Awaiting legal decision for compensation for pain and suffering following an injury.

#5, Any other belief that makes you feel it would be better or safer to keep the pain.

These 5 issues can affect how your unconscious decides whether to release you or not! If you are unaffected by these things it is highly likely your unconscious will decide to help you – so call me!

01526 832 563

Regards, Steven