Pain and Fatigue are as real any other bodily function. They are both controlled by the unconscious mind, which works automatically to protect you from a worse fate. Pain is a message to get something done or to desist from doing something. Fatigue is the message to rest. If we take notice of these messages, in the main, they stop as soon as we have done what it asked us to do.

When we fight back all the time, won’t rest, or keep overdoing things, the message gets stronger and louder. Pain gets stronger, fatigue gets deeper and both get more frequent.

Myalgic Encephalopathy (M.E.), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia (Fibro), in my opinion from six years of helping people, are all illnesses on the same spectrum. Some giving more pain than fatigue and some the other way around. Symptoms are always suited to the individual because it is your own protective system that unconsciously and automatically gets to chose what will make you rest and recover. You have no conscious control over this so it is not “all in your mind”. Fighting this illness only makes it worse as you are then doing the opposite of what it was designed to do – keep you immobile and conserve energy to mend yourself. It really does think it is doing you a favour, because it sees your driven personality will kill you trying to keep going at the superhuman pace you do (mentally/physically).

The best analogy I can give is that you are driving yourself at 100 miles an hour in a fifty zone. But you get there slower than others who drive at 50 miles an hour because you get pulled up by the police at every layby for half an hour. You can slow down and run at the same speed as everyone else or continue to not learn from experience and keep facing the consequences.

I have helped many people on the road to recovery, the issue is whether they then start to overdo things as they get better, which takes them back into the need for pain and fatigue. I only offer help to those few who really want to be clear of the illness and will do as they are instructed, as in slow down! My whole theory and how I discovered it is at It is free and could change your life. Please read it with an open mind…….

As for pain on it’s own, I regularly help people turn off, or turn down old pain. I use BrainBargaining a simple process that does not require trance. I even do it in groups with amazing results. Regularly turning pain off or sometimes down from 8/10 to a 2/10. This is not me doing anything, it is the unconscious recognising that it is doing more harm than good. As soon as it does that it has no option but to reduce or remove the pain. Results can be permanent as long as the client does not start to do things that will add to the damage. The area does not become numb and can safely recognise new pain if and when that is required.

Please note new pain is a good and appropriate message to get something done and old pain is where nothing can be done, an old injury or a deteriorating condition, particularly where strong pain killers are prescribed.


I train people to do this work called OldPain2Go please call for details.


August 2016 – The results you achieved for my wife Tracey Brown today were nothing short of miraculous. She left the session pain free for the first time in 10 years and 5 days later she is still pain free and walking unaided despite a degenerative spine condition. Thank you so much Steven. Grahame J Brown (From Facebook)
10th April 2016 – I just had an amazing session with Steven. I was suffering pain all over with Fibromyalgia, and in 20 minutes I was almost pain free. I cannot thank him enough for making me understand why I was getting the pain. Thanks Steven, you are a star.
Lynn Weston – Angel Lady

Video: July 2016 – Michael had severe back pain and a headache that had lasted two years. His doctor could do nothing for him except medication for pain relief…..