Trudy and Steven

Trudy and Steven

Steven Only – BrainBargaining™ Breakthrough Session

A fixed price session typically takes between 3 to 7 hours. An achievement outcome will be determined at the start of the session and this will be achieved before the end of the session. Used for removing Anxiety related issues or any long term unhelpful thought process. You may wish to have a follow on session or sessions, but these will be determined by you as you progress afterwards.

Steven Only – Follow on Sessions

Approx one hour. No obligation to have further sessions, these are when you feel the need to address new issues or top up the great feeling you left with last time!


Steven or Trudy – Access Consciousness® Bars Session

Approx one hour. At its worst a good head massage, at its best Life changing!


Steven or Trudy – Pain Removal or Reduction Session

Up to one hour. We help you access your unconscious to persuade it to remove or reduce your old sources of pain!


Steven Only – Problem Resolution Session

Up to one hour, includes techniques and suggestions for dealing with any specific issue. If you cannot change what is happening then you change how you feel about it!

Steven Only – Thought Coaching

One initial session to ensure mutual benefit, then regular or ad-hoc sessions as required.

Steven Only – Guest Speaker

Steven has a range of unique, lively and informative talks and workshops, from half hour slots up to full days. You can even have a talk designed specially to your needs.

Training – Steven Only

Steven is a qualified teacher and trainer and offers bespoke training in the field of the way the mind works and thought processes for a better life.

Short Training Sessions available:

OldPain2Go – Train in this method unique to Steven of turning Old Pain off (1Day)

RealEyes Intuitive Therapy – Following on from your NLP Master Practitioner. (2 Days)


Available soon – BrainBargaining a simple way to a better life automatically.

CD’s and DVD’s

Steven is currently working on a range of recorded materials for self help. If you require anything in particular please ask to have it included.

Party Plan

Organise your own party and invite Steven to attend to give a talk followed by group or individual problem resolution sessions.


Prices are dependant on the specific details of what is needed, the estimated time it will take, the required results and any expenditure, travel time and costs.

Call Me

Please call to freely discuss your needs and find out whether we are able to help. There is no charge or obligation to find out and it will only take a few minutes. I can direct you to whichever sessions are likely to meet your needs the best.

Office Phone: 01526 832 563 (UK office hours and up to 8pm)


Text to arrange a call: 07971 607 477