So What is the Message?

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Every Day I understand a little more about how the mind works. I regularly talk to the unconscious aspect of it and program myself. I wanted to understand better how it transfers the voice in my head to practical applications of what it does for me. It rewarded me with the answer in a dream.

Background: Since meeting my partner in November we have both been putting on weight. Most of the issue is going out for meals whilst working weekends away and the drinking of wine.

So last weekend in York we had both decided to reduce the quantity of food and wine. On the Friday we had a bottle of wine with a meal, but as Trudy only had only one glass I actually consumed more than I had planned on (finishing the bottle). The following night I was determined to only have the one glass if any, however we went to a restaurant without a licence and I ended up at the off licence next door getting a bottle of very nice Pinot Grigo. So the inevitable happened and yet again I didn’t follow my plan of drinking one glass.

The Dream: With a belly full of Indian food and two thirds of a bottle of wine I slept uncomfortably. I had a dream that seemed to repeat itself all night and even resumed after getting up to go to the loo.

Whilst in the dreamy state I just couldn’t get the meaning from it. All I saw was a white background with a very bright blue line on it. The line was made up of dots in the same way a computer screen uses pixels and I was shown a close up as it varied between just one pixel up to three pixels wide. At times it seemed to be a part of a triangle, but just one corner.

I was somewhat bemused by this and when I awoke really couldn’t work it out so I asked my unconscious to translate. And it did!

The line was a “Thin Blue Line” which I understood to be a Police line not to be crossed. It is also rhyming slang for wine (thin blue line = wine). The end part of the triangle I was shown was a tick (for correct) but had fallen on its side (to one side?). And the line represented the one, two or three drinks that I might have in the evening.

To sum up what it taught me was that whilst I could ask the unconscious to do its bit, I had to do mine. I was asking it to help me curb my drinking whilst consciously looking forward to drinking and putting myself into temptation by having the first drink, knowing it would lower my resolve not to have the next one. It was showing me that one would lead to two or three… It was making me aware of the danger, the problems caused by crossing the line (tummy issues and pain around the back – possibly kidneys). It was showing me that the thing I wanted to correct was put on one side for the temporary pleasure of that fist glass.

Result: 6 days later and no temptation to drink alcohol at all, not even slightly tempted by it and if I do deliberately think about it doesn’t give me any anticipation of pleasure.

Update: 3 months later still not had any alcohol and no interest in having any.

Update, update: nearly a year later and still no interest in alcohol.

Thank you unconscious for unravelling more of your mysteries!

The moral of the story is that we are constantly given messages from our unconscious that we ignore or do not understand. All we need to do is ask it for clarification, because it really wants you to get the message.


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