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These messages and testimonials are by people who used the services of Steven Blake, they therefore represent a set of people prepared to take action and personal responsibility in resolving their issues. The results they achieved are individual to them.

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Written Testimonials

Multiple Testimonial - 21st July 2016

I have recommended Steven to many people and I know he has helped them immensely. I have seen the transformation with my own eyes. Most recently a young man with a serious alcohol problem, he walked out of Steven room a different person, hasn't touched a drink since and he is so happy.

Steven has helped my daughter with really bad OCD issues which again the transformation is fantastic. Also helped me with hay fever which I don't have anymore thanks to Steven, and has reduced my back pain. I am currently in the process of booking an appointment for my great phobia of spiders!!

He is an amazing gentleman and I am blessed to know him and I will continue to point people in Steven’s direction for help, because you really don't need to suffer.

Larraine Sargeant - Medium and Healer

Video Above - Top Left: “If you read this and think I am making it up, you are wrong, this actually works, it’s been over a month now,  yes I still get aches, I don’t have that nagging constant pain with every step I take I still do all the things that used to cause me discomfort. Go to see Steven Blake if you have pain. Doctors give you pills to mask pain, Steven has a different approach. I didn’t believe it was possible, watch the video and listen to my daughter’s comments.” Andy File (Pain from two major Road Traffic Accidents) And a further testimonial from his wife Cherry File: "Honestly anyone in pain and struggling do not hesitate to go and see Steven Blake, it was just remarkable to watch. Such a simple non invasive way of clearing the pain by the unconscious mind. Andy File had been in pain for so long every single day with no relief and just half an hour with Steven and he has been PAIN FREE now for over a month! Thank-you Steven Blake you are an amazing man with a wonderful talent for clearing pain. Please try this man if you also have been suffering with pain."

“The most unusual and unique element is how easily you help to take conscious thoughts and desire into the unconscious mind for it to work on the issues automatically. You truly are a skilled professional.” Doctor Shweta Jacob MD (G.Med), MRCGP

"Whatever happened, and what was discussed in those 4 hours took it all away, and I mean every bit of anxiety. It's gone." Lynsay Mountain

“You have given me hope and techniques that have transformed my daily life. I now have hope for the future and a spring in my step. You truly do change lives.” Eva Harding-Bell

“It had a massive effect. I feel more positive for my future.” Jackie Hind

"Wow, years of not understanding why I push everyone away, unravelled in 30 minutes. Life Changer!" Shonna Carrier

“You have amazing gift for helping people with any issues, past or present, would highly recommend you.” Jay Fearnley

“This man changed my life. I was ill for over 20 years and Steven helped me. Words are not enough. He is one of the worlds lovely people.” Lynda Radcliffe Somers

“The feeling after the session is truly amazing. I feel lighter and clearer. He simplified all of it for me. He just knows....!” Maya Petrova - NLP Master Practitioner

“After spending an hour with my friend (after they tried to take their own life) you worked your magic. You were my first port of call, as I knew if anyone could help, it would be you. They are now doing great. Thank you.” Shenna Wood

“I’m pain free and feeling absolutely wonderful. The best money I’ve spent in ..... FOREVER!” It’s given me my life back.” Jackie

“I went in with an open mind and was blown away.” Tony Dennis

"Many, many thanks for helping me in overcoming the pain and showing me the light when I needed it the most.” Dee Ghedia

“I contacted the creator [of OldPain2Go], Steven Blake, to request to learn this technique for myself. This training was mind blowing.” Maria Chappell - Holistic Therapy Trainer

"The results you achieved for my wife Tracey Brown were nothing short of miraculous. She left the session pain free for the first time in 10 years and she is still pain free and walking unaided despite a degenerative spine condition. Grahame J Brown

"He grasps things quickly, intuitively, and processes it all into something that makes sense. Few have this ability. He’s smart too. Often when we’re stuck, we need a new kind of thinking to help us become unstuck, and Steven’s free form, unconscious, very fluid approach to coaching is something I believe has real potential. My own experience was a good one, it allowed me to see and feel things in a new light, and gave me a different perspective." Anonymous - Business and Life Coach London

"I'm stronger mentally and I see life quite differently. He went above and beyond in my opinion, it takes a great person to offer those qualities.” Anna Cooper.


“I had fibro – all my life I’ve suffered and spent an hour with Steven,  OMG,  I am amazed. I walked in, in agony, and walked out completely pain free. It’s been a week now and I’m still pain free and don’t expect that to change. I would strongly recommend him.”  Yvonne Arnold (Fibromyalgia)

“I went to see Steven with horrific fibromyalgia pain, chronic fatigue syndrome and anxiety/panic attacks. As Steven has said previously I didn’t 100% believe that what he was going to do was going to work but I desperately wanted to be pain and anxiety free. I actually went to see him initially as the panic attacks almost had me house bound and when he said he wanted to free me of the pain first, I felt almost deflated. Yet I cannot thank him enough. I wish you had a video of Andy and I’s reaction as I couldn’t believe after all those years it had gone. This man really does know what he’s doing and needless to say my other problems moved along with my pain. I’m not saying I don’t get pain anymore, as I do, but I listen to it and do as I’m told. The old crippling pain has gone and I’m one happy bunny 😍 For this I once again thank you xxx”  Emma Bastow (Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Panic attacks)

“This man is one in a million. My last chance before I totally gave up on life. Patience of a saint, and a genuinely lovely man. I've come on so far now. If he can help me, he can help anyone!” Kaye Beebe

“I was being paralysed by nerve pain, so much stuff on my shoulders, no help, then I found Steven. Hope and coping techniques firmly planted in my brain, allowing me to live again.” Ava

“Immensely important for me, was his ability to get inside my head and to address the negativity and low self esteem I have suffered from all my adult life.” Heather Bowdidge

“His obvious skill at finding resolutions to difficult states of mind made it very easy to trust the process he guided me through.” Carol Rudd –Psychotherapist and Author

“My life would be very different today without his help. I cannot speak highly enough of him, genuine and kind – and his very professional service.” Sarah Coyne

“I was drawn to go to your talk, then it made sense. Following treatment from you I am finally getting somewhere.” April

“I cried, I laughed, he put me at ease, and put things from my past into perspective. My life now is onwards and upwards with positivity and NO negativity. A big thank you for my life back.” June Carter

“Steven is a fantastic man and makes you feel safe and relaxed whilst he works with you. Nobody should have to suffer with any troublesome thoughts and emotions when Steven has such a gift.” Kerry Smethurst

“I can't even begin to describe what a kind hearted man Steven Blake is. Nothing is out of reach, if you need help, he can definitely guide you.” Lindsay Richards

“You are a true professional and your calm manner and thoughtfulness enabled the process to be pleasant as well as very effective.” Sarah Gibson.

“I was immediately struck by his friendly manner, his professionalism and his ability to understand who I am, behind the words I was using.” Sandra Smejka

“He helped me find my true self and now everything in my life made sense.” Marcelle Busson

“I can’t believe I feel this good, I felt trapped, now I feel free.” Sally Hillicoat

“I feel transformed, like a great weight has lifted off my heart. He helped me, to help myself - to be myself.” Barbara Perry

“You’ve made me feel different about my life and my bond with my family, I will always remember what you did for me.” Freddie Jackson


"I just had an amazing session with Steven. I was suffering pain all over with Fibromyalgia, and in 20 minutes I was almost pain free. I cannot thank him enough for making me understand why I was getting the pain. Thanks Steven, you are a star. Lynn Weston – Angel Lady