The Mystery of the Invisible Love Note


This week I had the same lesson twice! On Monday morning I discovered that my car had about £200 worth of items stolen from it overnight. Four days later I found several items that I had reported stolen had just as mysteriously reappeared.

On Saturday I found a love note in my wallet, see main photo. It’s on a yellow post-it note in a black wallet so impossible to miss. Trudy, who wrote it, was nearby as it became obvious I had spotted it. As I thanked her for the lovely gesture I asked when she had snook it in there. Her reply astounded me “Monday morning”! I had used this wallet everyday since, opening it several times and yet had not seen it. How could this be?

Apparently only moments after she had put it in my wallet I had opened it and she was disappointed as she had hoped it would be a nice surprise at a later time, however when I totally ignored it she was somewhat confused.

As I left Trudy’s house on Monday morning I decided to replace the locking wheel set that had been stolen out of the glove compartment. I drove straight to the garage and spent nearly £50 having the wheel bolts replaced as I no longer had the security spanner – the thieves had it. I obviously used my wallet to pay for that.

On the Friday I loaded my car for an event and had to put stuff on the front seat. I moved the box that contained the new security spanner and this is when I discovered another security spanner and several of the missing items. They were literally there in plain sight as I moved the car blanket from that seat.

This is when my mind went into recall of Monday morning. I had sat on that blanket in the passenger seat for several minutes and yet here were several bulky items that would definitely make uncomfortable sitting on. On the Monday I had searched the car twice, the second time after realising my camera was missing. I thought at the time I had been very thorough. I had not returned to the scene of the crime since Monday so the thief cannot have returned them. So was this a magic trick?

On Saturday the talk I was giving included how we bring into our lives what we focus on, whether it is a good or bad thing that we think about. I also discussed how we only notice what we look for or expect to be there. How appropriate was this going to turn out to be!

Having allowed my unconscious to think this through I can conclude several things to take from this experience. Allowing for the slightly confused state, from just being robbed, I believe the balanced between the conscious mind and unconscious mind was disturbed and that a lot of what I did next was done with the inappropriate or non typical part.

My glove compartment had been emptied and as it had only been tidied up by me the week before I knew what was in there. So I must have assumed “If I cannot see it, then it has been stolen”. As for sitting on large uncomfortable items without noticing I can only imagine that I was using all my awareness powers (the conscious mind holds very little data) to work out what had just happened.

Solved, the mystery of the invisible love note!
A few weeks previous I had left a similar love note in Trudy’s laptop, so that she would see it when she opened it up (see photo). As I often use her computer I had become familiar with it, to the point of ignoring it (an operation of the unconscious). I believe that the first time I opened my wallet containing the note, that there was an unconscious recognition of it as being the very note I wrote in Trudy’s laptop. My confused state really couldn’t be bothered to check out the accuracy of it, after all it was the same words on a post it note and positioned in the bottom left hand corner. So now I had a new program of “ignore the love note”. It literally became invisible to me.


Trudy, bless her, could not really understand why I kept ignoring the note when it was obvious still there. But literally one moment it was invisible the next, blatantly obvious. How strange! Why did i suddenly see it? Well my thumb rubbed against the note, making me aware of something physically there, so then I looked to see what it was!

What is it that you cannot see, even though it’s right in front of you?

N.B. Having given this further thought I have now seen the connection between the conclusion of therapy with my clients when they get that AHA moment. The “learning” they took from a past situation has really happened in a similar way. They have an incident that is traumatic or confusing and whilst in that state may miss something blindingly obvious that would have caused them to make a better judgement had they included it in their thought processes at the time. I have illustrated this with a new blog taken from my Sunday talk at this event.

I love my work, even everyday stuff has the answer to so much about life if we take the time to analyze.

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