The One Client I Never Wanted!


Usually I’m helping others and can’t talk about it because it is confidential, but in the early hours of Saturday morning I helped someone totally change their situation and he doesn’t mind me sharing! As soon as he became receptive to my help it took less than 2 minutes to resolve the problem. My client had a history of claustrophobia, which had caused him severe problems from the age of 16 particularly in his work when he became a plumber. However he had not had any episodes since changing careers and for the last thirty years had developed many avoidance techniques that meant it really wasn’t an issue any more.

On Friday a simple trip to a public house’s very tiny toilet cubicle triggered an incredibly traumatic claustrophobic attack, an episode that freaked him out, so much so that on return to his girlfriends home he could not sleep in the bedroom and after initially having to be outside, he decided to sleep in the lounge with access to outside direct through a patio door and the curtains open. He had a overwhelming feeling of dread and there being no air to breathe. It lead to thoughts of total changes to his life including never flying again, or visiting places where corrupt officials might result in being taken to a cell (as had been mentioned that evening by someone who had experienced it).


He was aware of the initial trigger whilst a child: a fear of needles necessitating a stern word from his parents about the dangers of catching polio and the need to be placed in an iron lung (a crude method of breathing for you). This he had imagined as a pirates chest which would involve being doubled up to fit in it (hence the claustrophobia). However over the last few weeks, several associations regarding fears of asphyxiation, needles and death, reared their heads. His father collapsed whilst out with him and at one stage appeared to have died (but soon recovered). A Facebook post showed a wall of iron lungs and a quote that said many children died. An internet video showing the value of inoculations. Old memories of: getting trapped under bed covers and starting to suffocate, nearly drowning whilst learning to swim, and queuing up at school for injections with arms bared, rumours rife about needles breaking off in arms and boys screaming, all added to what seemed a simple issue.

Whilst still under this newly regained fear, there was no doubt in his mind that he could not alter the state he was in, the best he could do was forever avoid what would trigger it. He also had a fear that during an attack he might hurt others who got in his escape route. His thoughts even became suicidal. His heart was racing and his mind was full of fear and apprehension. In the past any episode like this would take at least two weeks of serious apprehension and sensitivity to spaces before it would start to calm down.

I don’t normally need much information to help people, so how do I know all this detail?

The fact is, it was me!

At one stage I started to doubt my own ability to help others, after all, this was such an impossibly overwhelming feeling. But as I started to calm a little in this now safe area with two easy exits, my logic started to return.

With my clients a proportion of my time is gaining acceptance and access to their automated processes through their unconscious mind. However I regularly tap into my own unconscious and use its awesome power to do many tasks that most people would use their conscious mind for.

I simply got in touch with my unconscious (just talked to it), thanked it for the message it was trying to give me (even though it was terror!). I then asked that it searched out all the associations and connections that by now I had raised to consciousness and that it also look for any other associations and connections. When it found all of them to disconnect them as this was an old program I no longer needed, was not appropriate and never had been. Within two minutes I felt totally at peace, slipped into a peaceful sleep and awoke refreshed next morning. No more issues and having just tested it by shutting myself in a cupboard for several minutes – where the door stuck on trying to exit, I can say it is absolutely not a problem anymore.

So several lessons here:

Have faith in your own ability to achieve, feelings of inadequacy are related only to that temporary feeling.

Good or bad, all experiences are a learning experience.

If you have experienced this before you must have survived it every previous time.

Going through an horrendous experience increases your empathy towards others.

It needs the panic mode to subside before logic can even be considered.

How long you have had the problem is irrelevant.

The automatic program replaces what we know “logically” with “too hard to ignore” emotion.

Even the most simple things can have complex roots.

Even complex things can have simple answers.

I gained a greater understanding of why people tend to put off coming to me whilst they are coping and often wait until they really cannot function without help. If I can momentarily forget that these breakthroughs are possible, even though I see it happen daily, then I’m sure many of you won’t be aware of how simple it is to deal with even long term problems particularly whilst trapped in a strong emotional pull of avoidance. With modern research, technology and methodology it really is down to just having the desire to change and the drive and commitment to seek out the how and, where necessary, the who.

Wishing you all that you wish for yourself, Steven

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