The World is Full Of Wonderful People!


The world is full of wonderful people!
A few years ago I got myself into a very poor financial state, had only the 80p in my pocket and had no credit facilities and no income. There seemed no way out until I asked for help from the Universe….

I had extended my home believing I would get a mortgage, but no-one would give me one, as I couldn’t prove a sufficient income. I ended up at an event about getting a mortgage. It was my last chance and I had maxed out the last of the credit cards to stay in a cheap hotel near the event. I took pre-packed food with me as I could not afford to buy any food whilst there and I had just enough fuel in the car to get me home.
At the event no one could get me a mortgage, they told me to stay all three days and I would learn how to get one myself! On day one I had several further set backs: I got a £65 parking ticket for parking in the wrong space, my cars warning light stated I needed new brake disks (about £200 I imagined) and as I decided I needed a bottle of wine to drown my misery came the realisation and embarrassment, at the check out – wine in hand, that every credit card was now maxed out. I literally only had a few coins in my pocket.

I went to my room and was not far short of crying myself to sleep. So I asked the Universe to come up with a solution. I could not see that having developed skills to help people escape their traumas, that me losing my home, business and car would benefit anyone or anything in the cosmic scheme of things. So I said “You have to provide a solution so that I can put these skills to good use and not waste them.”

I decided that the following day I would give it until mid day to find if the answer was at the event, otherwise I would come home.
The following day the “happy-clappy” type of event carried on. I begged the organisers to cut to the advice I needed, but to no avail. The depth of my despair intensified when the presenter held aloft a £5 note and said who will give me £1 for it. This was a point proving exercise about taking opportunities and risks. I was sat at the back and so missed this opportunity even though people reacted slowly. He did it again with a £10 note and was mobbed, no chance of me getting there in time. He walked past me and I realised he was doing it again. I really needed that money and so as his hand came out of his pocket I grabbed it in a vice like grip. He faltered as he asked the question “who will give me a £1 for this £20 note” realising he already had a taker!

“I will” I bellowed deafeningly and as I pulled every coin out of my pocket I counted out only 80p. “Will you take 80p”, “No, I said a pound” was the gruff reply. I turn to the crowd that has formed and ask the guy next to me to lend me £1 and I will give him £5, he agrees, but meanwhile the £20 note is released to someone who did produce a £1.
I sit back down, devastated.

This was the story of my life. Always struggling for money as I always invested heavily in my home, until the point I could sell, buy a bigger better one and then start again, renovating, spending every penny.

Lesson learned, but nothing resolved about changing my circumstances. I could really do with a Guardian Angel to pluck me out of this irresolvable mire. No more could be achieved here so I decided to go at the lunch break. As I sat down to drink my packet meal, I saw all the other participants heading off for meals with their friends and associates, I was alone at one of the 15 empty tables, only a few minutes to drink my dinner and I would be heading home to an uncertain future.
“Can I sit here” a stranger asked. “Yes, fine” I felt the need to excuse my current state as I am usually very positive, so added “but I won’t be very good company”. There were 14 other empty tables where she wouldn’t have to sit with a “misery guts”. Unperturbed by this she sat down and asked me to tell her. I tried to wriggle out of it, I didn’t want to spread my misery. She insisted and I told her I could not get a mortgage and now had no income and only 80p to my name.
“Ok” she said, “what do you need?”. We discussed several solutions and she forced me to be realistic in the assumptions I made. She was very clever and somehow steered me to her solution whilst letting me think it was my idea. Getting lodgers would help? I could not do that as I couldn’t afford to complete the building work. “What about just completing one room then using the income to complete the rest?”. “How much would that cost? Let’s work it out!”.
Eventually I came to a figure that would include living costs and one room completed. “£7,000” I said, not knowing how the hell I could raise that.
This total stranger then amazed me, it shook me to my core “I will loan you it”.
“Really, really?” I said in disbelief. “Yes, yes, of course” she seemed both positive and determined. I asked for a hug and could not help myself as I sobbed my heart out on her shoulder. What a relief! What an incredible woman, I had only known her 10 minutes!

Within 6 months I completed my home, had a lodger arrive within minutes of each bedroom becoming available (yes minutes, not hours, not days – three times that happened) and got a mortgage. Many people helped me sort out my finances, some volunteered without even knowing I needed anything. Suddenly everyone became psychic or perhaps I dropped the mask so they could read me better. My Parents, my Son, an acquaintance all seemed to fit into the plan. I had always been very independent before, would have a smile on my face whilst drowning, now I allowed people into my life.

All of this was triggered by a complete stranger and her leap of faith. I dare not even think where I would have been now without her. We are of course now incredibly close friends and yes even though she is my Guardian Angel she is real flesh and blood with her own issues.
I repaid the debt in less than 6 months to all involved. And I managed to stop it being a one sided relationship by helping and supporting my Guardian Angel on many issues in her life.
Life throws many things at us, it is how we handle it the counts…… There is always an answer.
Love always, Steven

NB A year or so later my cars suspension collapsed whilst it was on my driveway. If it had happened the day before where I had travelled about 130 miles on fast busy motorways I hate to think of the consequences as the wheels disappeared into the wheel arches and locked the steering. The suspension went with a loud bang as i was looking out of my front window. The car dropped almost as though someone had shot the tyres out. As i went out to see the damage I amazed at my good fortune of it not happening whilst at speed. I straight away thought of my guardian Angel and seconds later she rang me. We had not spoken for weeks, what weird timing, I think of her and she appears. So i ask her if she is covered in oil and explain that she must have been under my car and carried me safely home. How else would a spring break whilst stationary and not whilst under the load of speed and bumps!

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