Universal Truths


Universal Truths – these are tried and trusted thoughts and are applicable to everyone regardless of income, where they live, race colour or sex.

Getting What you Want – Concentrate on what you want to happen, not on outcomes that you don’t want. Repeated keywords in your thoughts such as “divorce” when you are having relationship issues, or “food” when dieting drive us along the wrong path. Look for the positive and what you can do to influence things for the better. What to do: examples: relationships – start to do those things for your partner that you did when you first met and think about the good reaction from them. Dieting – think about what you are getting, the trimmer figure, the new confidence, going out in new clothes, the compliments, healthier, etc.

I’m really bad at…. I Can’t do…… – Your unconscious mind accepts everything you tell it as true. Everyday the story we tell ourselves programs our brain. If you keep telling your unconscious that you cannot do something or are very bad at doing it your unconscious will accept it, and will not let you succeed at that. If you start to look like you might succeed despite all odds, the unconscious will get you to sabotage your own attempts rather than prove you a liar. What to do: be determined to improve at something that has held you back. example: Spelling, any word you come across that you can’t spell look it up in a dictionary, write it down on a card you carry in your pocket, rehearse it, refer to it when you use it again and quite soon you will have lots more words you can spell. The key to this is to change what you tell yourself, “my spelling is improving every day” is both true and motivational. For weight loss, look at your self in the mirror every day and tell yourself with belief and authority “Every day I get slimmer, healthier and more attractive”. You can adapt this statement keeping to the rules that it must be positive and in the here and now (not “I will”, use “I am” statements).

Happiness – Happiness is not something you will get subject to getting something else. Your past is gone, you only ever will live in the now and you future is what you plan and prepare for in the now. If you want to be happy then act happy, it releases the hormones into your body that make you happy. It really is up to you, I am sure you don’t really want to wait to see if winning the lottery, meeting the person of your dreams, losing a few pounds, having cosmetic surgery or any other ambition really gives long term happiness! Life is not a rehearsal enjoy what time you have, fill your life with good memories of valued moments.

Money Worries – Quite simply there is money in and money out. Money in exceeding money out is good news. Money out exceeding money in is the cause of worry. What to do: To stop the worry look at both sides of the in-out balance. Complete a formal budgeting sheet to see exactly how much (or little) spending money you have when all necessities have been paid for. Ambition and determination are the keys, you get what you are driven toward and your drive comes from your expectations. Self regulation may occur that either prevents you earning excessive amounts more than you peers or you may be driven subconsciously to achieve whatever level you feel is expected of you.

Weight Management – Just the same as with money a simple in & out. Weight gain is when Calories in (consumed) exceed calories out (burnt). Weight loss is when calories burnt exceed calories consumed. Unfortunately the body has a self regulating mechanism that can slow down the weight loss process by converting more of what we eat to fat if it feels that hunger is likely to be long term. What to do: The combination of a healthy diet and suitable exercise is the best long term plan for a healthy and maintainable body. Seek suitable advice on both exercise and diet and consult your doctor before starting. You can download a free excel spreadsheet weight loss tracker here.

If you need help controlling cravings then see a good Hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner, it’s better than drugs, crazy potions or gastric banding.

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