Unworthy is at the core of every one of my client’s issues. Yes 100%.

Although unworthy comes from within, we perceive it as though other people think it about us. In reality this is your own projection of lack of self worth and because that is what we look for it is what we notice. We also reject the good things said about us because we don’t feel worthy of receiving them. We also push people away for fear of getting hurt and then when they are no longer responsive to us, we add another person to the list of people who have walked away from us.

Unworthy is at the core of anxiety and depression. I always deal with the core issue, dealing with symptoms only ever leads to temporary results. Dealing with the core is a permanent change giving immediate, before you leave the session, results that last. Then you just need to work on building your confidence muscles. I can also help with that as a coach.


Jackie felt “needy” and that this affected her life…… It’s not always a dramatic thing that causes the problem, when seen as an adult. Jackie explains her new insight.