Ups and Downs


The ups and downs of life.

Don’t think you are unusual; we all have ups and downs in life, that is usual. People with bi-polar have extremes of ups and downs and people with depression have extreme lows and few highs. We assume that people who are rich have extreme highs and few lows and we are totally wrong in that assumption! We also assume that if only we had the right (pick one or more): relationship, car, house, finances, job, figure, appearance, life style, that all would be great.

The reality is that few people have a smooth life and in fact a life without up and downs would be very dull! Even the people who seem to lead a life summed up by the phrase “if they fell in a bucket of manure they would come out clean and smelling of roses” only give that appearance by not telling you the crap in their lives – you only hear of their heights. I know because that includes me, until recently!

The reality is that the best people to advise you is those that have overcome life’s lows, because without that experience few of us can advise from that depth of experience and learning.

My own theory is that where-ever you are on the highs and lows is your current view, and that it is difficult or nearly impossible to see outside that range. Whilst in a low we can only see from that viewpoint and therefore anything higher is beyond our viewpoint or grasp. If only this worked in reverse! When we are on a high or heading to a high we tend to realise that and worry that soon it will come the downturn. By doing this we actually stop the high and head for the downturn earlier than was going to happen. We need to learn to enjoy our highs, learn from our lows and live in the moment enjoying what we have now. Not fearing the future or regretting what we had. We only ever have now, even in the past the good memories are based on what was the now, at that time. And if you are apprehensive about the future, that is where you are living, in the worry of the negative that may happen. So live in the now, appreciate why you can appreciate that now and have no worries for the future because the only future you have is what you think your future will be. Your thoughts are all you need to have a good future or a bad one!

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