Weight Balance Theory

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If your weight is an issue then this may help explain what you can do about it. This is part of my 5 bodies theory explained here.

Video version of Balance theory here or read on.

Your weight swings one way and then the next, at times somewhere near the weight/body-size that you want at the other, and most likely more often at the heavy end!

To use a seesaw as an example whether you sit on the high end or the low end is often dictated by circumstances or through the way other people influence your life, either supportive or for their own selfish reasons adding to your problems and stress.

2015-balancetheoryWhilst we remain on either end of the see-saw this reflects the ups and downs of life and how quickly it swings out of your control. As a child I often stood in the middle of the seesaw (C) and however violently it swung either way, by placing my feet apart slightly and a little flexing of the knees I remained “King of the castle”. The people on either end had no effect on me and never threw me off balance despite my effort being minimal compared with theirs. Remembering this gave me the idea to help you with.

When we get to the weight we want we often have too rigid an idea of what that will be, for example 10 stones exactly. If you visualise this as being stood on (C) but with feet together it represent this fixed weight point. As you can vary about 4lbs a day (I know I often do) this becomes too rigid a place to be and you are thrown about by the slightest circumstance as with each time you weigh yourself it will vary from the 10 stones exactly.

Now imagine yourself with feet far enough apart to just flex your knees and bend with the most vigorous ups and downs. This represents when you choose a weight/size with a healthy latitude. It is worth remembering that when life gets you down the fat sticks easier! This is related to cortisol production making you hungrier and other related hormonal issues.

So choose a weight “balance zone” to take the pressure off you. For instance 9 stone 11 lbs to 10 stone 2 lbs. What will happen then is your eating patterns will change automatically to reflect where you are in that band. Without this most people tend to over-react to the slightest increase or go the other way and wait until it annoys you enough to start your next diet!

Choose a “balance zone” suitable for your own needs and start to enjoy life, overdo it one day and you only need to cut back a bit the next. You can even do it by waist measurement, the fit of clothes or just how you look in the mirror. The choice is yours, however if using your weight as the key make sure you weigh yourself at a regular time of the day, preferably first thing in the morning after going to the loo. And don’t be tempted to check again later in the day, thereby lies constant disappointment (I can guarantee your weight will go up). I have helped hundreds of people over nearly 7 years and although I have seen no research to back it up, I have noticed that weight put on fast is removed very quickly afterwards (holiday weight, party, birthday etc.). Whereas long term weight seems to stick better.

Stop being pushed around by circumstances. After choosing your zone notice how much easier it is to keep on track as you deal with only small amounts and promptly. It’s certainly what slim people do!

Please read in conjunction with my 5 Body Theory to see how to get the body you want.

Wishing you all you want for yourself, Steven

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