Why that last Diet Didn’t Work!

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The Biggest Issue about Losing Weight that no one ever explains.

Everything you will read about losing weight boils down to the simple equation of Calories in versus Calories out (used). And as a simple overview it’s a great explanation, because following the rule to have less going in than is used up will result in weight loss. However as the vast majority will have experienced we all drift back to a weight we are not happy with. In fact the more often we diet, the more we weigh, as there seems to be another rule that whatever we lose we put back on quite quickly plus about half a pound!

So what is happening? Let’s look at genetics first. Some of us are predisposed to store fat in a similar place to our descendants, and the lucky few inherit the ability to remain skinny/slim however much they eat. Basically it is Darwin’s theory in operation, the survival of the fittest, meaning the best fit for their environment. So generations of people raised in a very cold climate with few predators survive better the more efficiently they store fat. People in hot countries have less risk of dying from exposure to cold and a very high risk of lively predators so a body type typified by the Maasai tribes are more likely to survive by being fit, light and agile.

We are often a mix of many background cultures and people so are most like our close descendants and the genes they have been handed down.

Our current environment is one where food is abundant and the need to run from predators extremely rare! And as genetics takes thousand of years to adapt us to our environment we cannot wait for the genes to correct this. It would also have to be that the ones unfit for the environment died before breeding!

Obesity has risen partially from less exercise, but in the main, in my opinion, not just from easy access to processed foods, also their addictive qualities and the fact that the body cannot process them and needs the body fat to store the toxins safely whilst it can find a way out for them.

So we have to work with what we have. A current favourite saying of mine is that “Wherever we would like to be, we can only set off from here, this place we are now!”

The body is incredibly adaptive to under or overeating. If we look at the simple calories in versus calories out, then an extra 100 calories a day (hardly anything) more than your body uses, would amount to a 10 lb a year weight gain. That should also be that someone eating 2,000 calories a day more than they need would put on 200 lbs each year. They do not of course because the body will compensate for this overload by not attempting to store all the excess as fat. It doesn’t need to, it already has plenty.

The same works in reverse, when we constantly watch calories and the body gets used to living on fewer than it needs to provide sufficient energy to live it has to find a way of doing the same with less. To equate this to a car the faster you go the more fuel it uses, so if you are running out take it really slow to find a garage! A body regularly receiving too few calories for its needs will adapt your metabolic rate to a far slower pace in order for you to survive.

So now, finally you may say, I get to the point. Your body has a “set point”. The set point is the weight that you keep returning to. I refer to it in my other articles as the comfortable body, the one you don’t particularly like, but just as old slippers don’t look good they certainly are easy to wear. This is the body that your internal protective systems are starting to think could be best for your survival. Because, after all you have been that size/shape for quite some years now and have neither suffered from freezing to death nor have you been eaten by a Sabre-toothed Tiger!

Until you wake up your system to see the reality of the damage it is causing you, I can guarantee that no diet will have long lasting effects on you! Luckily there are fast and simple ways of doing this.

1, High Intensity Training (HIT) the latest idea in exercise of only doing 3 minutes a day. Even the inventors haven’t worked out why it works, but I can tell you: It replicates to your nervous system the same messages as being chased by the Sabre-toothed Tiger and escaping. And provokes the response I have to get slim to be faster and survive!

2, Eat like you were designed for, mainly veg (70%) and fruit (30%) not grown in pesticides. Have meat if you like, but very little of it, as the old joke goes, vegetarian is an Apache word for poor hunter, and we were very poor hunters when we were originally designed! And mix it up a bit, stuff the routine that hasn’t worked so far. Skip the occasional meal, if you eat too much one day eat a bit less the next. Do it to suit how you want to be, notice what foods affect you and how. Eat what makes you feel good after it has digested, not just while it’s in your mouth.

3, Drink plenty of water and avoid “pop” like you would the plague! Diet drinks are possibly the worst named thing in the world, they are made from the poo of the Ecoli Bacteria and are known to increase appetite, bon appetite.

4, Deal with your head. Stop calling rubbish food treats! You don’t put Diesel in your petrol car and call it a treat. Learn to use positive thoughts, your unconscious is brilliant for getting you what you think about, but doesn’t understand things phrased in the negative. So “I mustn’t eat the biscuit” becomes “eat the biscuit”, “ah well just the one, not the whole packet” becomes “the whole packet”. Concentrate on what you want, what you really, really want and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. And no you can’t be “the skinny thing like I was when I was 18” because you can never be 18 again so the unconscious would not believe the skinny bit either. See my Pick your Body Blog for help with getting your head around selecting what you want.

5, And finally, some people have been badly affected by things that happened when they were slim, or because they were slim. Unconsciously they remain overweight as it provides “protection” from it happening again or stops them having too much male attention they feel they cannot deal with. With excess weight comes a protective suit of anonymity, the figure has fewer signs of sexuality and the face loses its features disguising the very things that make you the unique and wonderful individual you are. You can work out if this applies to you by simply asking yourself what I would ask a client, “What happened just before you started putting weight on”?

I hope this helps, please feel free to look at the rest of my help and information and if you feel you need help please feel free to get in touch. Love and care, Steven


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